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fun bounce rentals

How many kids can safely bounce at once?
This depends on the size of the inflatable, however we provide the following maximum capacity numbers:

Unit Size
13' x 13'
8 and under
8 - 12

We will bring a tarp and stakes to put down underneath the unit(s) in the grass. Should you need sandbags to place the unit(s) on pavement - please let us know prior to your rental date. We will provide a 100’ extension cord for each blower, so as long as they reach then you should be good to go. We do recommend using separate outlets for each extension cord because there is a chance the increased power can flip your breaker if you have more than one blower running. (Please note: We cannot attach more than one extension cord together for safety reasons. If you need more than 100’ of cord then we have generators you may rent at an additional cost, and they can run up to 3 inflatables each.) Also, if you have booked a waterslide then you will need to provide your own water hose. Our units have a small hose, which hangs off the side, and we attach that hose to yours. Please have your lawn mowed at least a week before our arrival, so there will be no fresh cut grass as that makes a bigger mess for us. Lastly, please make sure the area is free of pets and that you poop-scoop prior to our arrival. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Deposits are non-refundable: this includes for any and all reasons. Should rain, high winds (10-15 mph), or other weather that would hinder our inflatables be forecast, we reserve the right to cancel any rental. Cancellations made on our behalf due to weather are made for safety reasons. PLEASE NOTE: We will not always call you to cancel the rental unless we feel it is necessary. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the customer to notify us at least one day prior to your scheduled rental if you would like to cancel or postpone. We usually load our trucks the day before. If we do not hear from you we will arrive as scheduled. Once we arrive for setup your remaining balance is due in full, and we do not issue refunds once we arrive. We can move inflatables indoors provided you have enough space to accommodate it. We also have a rain check list, which we can move your deposit to. We would apply your deposit towards your next rental, so you don't lose your money. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for understanding!

What do we do if there is an emergency?
In the case of an emergency, have everyone exit the bounce calmly and quickly contact us.

What are my responsibilities as the renter of the bounce?
Our contract requires that an adult be home when the bounce is setup. We will review the features of the bounce with this individual, as well as our safety regulations. Additionally, we will review our emergency procedures with this individual at the time of setup. An adult MUST accompany the bounce anytime the bounce is inflated. This person is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the equipment by making sure that ALL safety rules and regulations are followed. Aside from safety items, it is the responsibility of the renter to provide for electrical power within 100 feet of the bounce and a level, open 20' x 20' area to set up on.

How safe are moonbounces?
As long as the safety rules are followed, bounces are very safe. In fact, most accidents that arise from the use of moonbounces are a direct result of the renters not following the posted safety rules by allowing the unit to be overloaded, allowing the unit to be used in high winds, etc.

How do I reserve a unit?
Call us at 662-429-9499 or fill out the form on our contact page and we will be in touch shortly.

How much of a deposit is required to confirm a reservation?
While you may pay up to 100% of your rental fee at the time of booking, we require a minimum deposit of usually $25 or $50 depending on the unit(s). Holidays and/or holiday weekends require a $100 deposit. Should you decide to pay in full at the time of your booking and you need to cancel, we will refund all money except the amount of your required deposit.

How can I pay for the unit?
The remaining balance of your rental is due in full when we arrive to setup your unit(s). The remaining balance may be paid with cash, check, debit card, or major credit card. The delivery person will go over the rules and safety procedures, and have you sign the contract before they leave.

Special Pricing for Schools and Churches:
We would love to work with you to provide some fun and entertainment for your school or church event! Generally, we discount $25 for each additional unit, but depending on your needs for the school and/or church we may provide additional discounts. Please call us at 662-429-9499 or use the Contact Us form here on the website to discuss the specific details.

All throughout the year we receive dozens of requests for inflatables to be donated for events. While we are more than happy to donate bounces - please understand that we have to limit how many we can provide each year. We don’t want anyone to be upset if we have to turn them down. It costs us fuel and labor to provide the bounces, so we actually lose money each time we donate them. If you would like to request an inflatable donation please call us at 662-429-9499 or use the Contact Us form here on the website to discuss the specific details.

Rental Periods:
We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour rentals. On our busy days there is the possibility you may receive “bonus time” before or after your scheduled time at no charge to you, but it is NOT guaranteed.

Yard Requirements:
The surface on which we set up the inflatable must be flat (no more than 8 inches of slope over a distance of 15 feet) and clear of any sharp objects, such as sticks and rocks, as well as pet droppings. There should be no low hanging tree branches or power lines overhead. Driveways (or streets for block parties) are fine, just be sure to let us know ahead of time so we bring sand bags instead of stakes to secure the inflatable.

Electrical Requirements:
We recommend a grounded outlet on a dedicated 20-amp circuit breaker to run the blower that keeps the inflatable inflated.